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Corbin Nash

Corbin Nash

Release: 2018
Vote: (40 votes)
Director: Ben Jagger
Plot: A rogue police detective in search of his parents killer is murdered and reborn the ultimate killer.
24 Hours to Live

24 Hours to Live

Genre: Thriller
Release: 2017
Vote: (56 votes)
Director: Brian Smrz
Plot: An assassin seeks redemption after being given a second chance at life.
Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Release: 1982
Vote: (85 votes)
Director: Ridley Scott
Plot: A blade runner must pursue and try to terminate four replicants who stole a ship in space and have returned to Earth to find their creator.


Release: 2012
Vote: (19 votes)
Director: Dario Argento
Plot: The tale begins with Jonathan Harker, journeying by train and carriage from England to Count Dracula's crumbling...