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Rock Steady Row

Rock Steady Row

Genre: Drama
Release: 2018
Vote: (9 votes)
Director: Trevor Stevens
Plot: Rock Steady Row centers around a young college freshman who, after his bike is stolen, lands on a college campus and is compelled to take action against the reigning fraternities and ultimately the dean.


Genre: Horror
Release: 2017
Vote: (29 votes)
Director: Michael Barrett
Plot: Three American tourists follow a mysterious map deep into the jungles of Japan searching for an ancient temple. When spirits entrap them, their adventure quickly becomes a horrific nightmare.
Final Girl

Final Girl

Release: 2015
Vote: (105 votes)
Director: Tyler Shields
Plot: A man teach a young woman how to become a complete weapon. 13 years later, at 18 she will approach a group of sadistic teens who killed blonde women for unknown reasons. The hunting season begins.
Bad Turn Worse

Bad Turn Worse

Release: 2013
Vote: (24 votes)
Plot: Three Texas teens hope to make a break for it and escape their dead-end existence in a cotton-mill town but get sucked into the seedy underbelly of organized crime when one of them steals from the wrong man.