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Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release: 2017
Vote: (14 votes)
Director: Amanda Sthers
Plot: Adding a little spice to a waning marriage, Anne and Bob, a wealthy and well-connected American couple, move into a manor house in romantic Paris. While preparing a particularly luxurious dinner for sophisticated international friends...
Two Men in Town

Two Men in Town

Genre: Drama
Release: 2014
Vote: (33 votes)
Plot: A Muslim ex-con forms a friendship with his parole officer.
The Congress

The Congress

Release: 2013
Vote: (54 votes)
Director: Ari Folman
Plot: An aging, out-of-work actress accepts one last job, though the consequences of her decision affect her in ways she didn't consider.
Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

Genre: Crime, Thriller
Release: 1992
Vote: (77 votes)
Plot: After a simple jewelery heist goes terribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant.