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Tomato Red

Tomato Red

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Release: 2017
Vote: (9 votes)
Director: Juanita Wilson
Plot: When small town drifter Sammy Barlach drives into town on the search for his next cold beer and the bunch that'll have him, he gets a lot more than he bargained for...
Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost

Release: 2009
Vote: (164 votes)
Director: Brad Silberling
Plot: On his latest expedition, Dr. Rick Marshall is sucked into a space-time vortex alongside his research assistant and a redneck survivalist. In this alternate universe, the trio make friends with a primate named Chaka, their only ally in a world full of dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures.
The Look of Love

The Look of Love

Release: 2013
Vote: (10 votes)
Plot: The life of Paul Raymond, the controversial entrepreneur who became Britain's richest man.


Release: 2011
Vote: (149 votes)
Director: Neil Burger
Plot: A writer discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities.