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Affairs of State

Affairs of State

Genre: Drama
Release: 2018
Vote: (9 votes)
Director: Eric Bross
Plot: A young campaign aide gets in way over his head when he sleeps with the wife and daughter of a presidential candidate only to end up bleeding out on the side of an empty road at night.


Genre: Thriller
Release: 2017
Vote: (23 votes)
Plot: A Southern mobster attempts to rescue his kidnapped brother.
Trash Fire

Trash Fire

Release: 2016
Vote: (29 votes)
Plot: When Owen is forced to confront the past he's been running from his whole adult life, he and his girlfriend, Isabel, become entangled in a horrifying web of lies, deceit and murder.


Genre: Comedy
Release: 2015
Vote: (53 votes)
Director: Doug Ellin
Plot: Movie star Vincent Chase, together with his boys Eric, Turtle, and Johnny, are back - and back in business with super agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold on a risky project that will serve as Vince's directorial debut.
Goodbye World

Goodbye World

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release: 2013
Vote: (129 votes)
Director: Denis Hennelly
Plot: James and Lily live off the grid, raising their young daughter in a cocoon of comfort and sustainability. When a mysterious mass text ripples its way across the country, triggering a crippling, apocalyptic cyber attack...